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The Informer 2020

The Informer 2020 TPB Full Movie Torrent Download

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Honorable Special Operations Soldier Pete Coslos (Joel Kinaman) was upset when he was imprisoned after a battle to protect his wife (Anna de Armas). He gave the early release a chance by becoming an FBI informant (Oscar nominees Rosamund Pike and Clive Owen) and used his secret skills in an operation to eliminate the general, New York’s most powerful criminal boss. But when the FBI’s bite ultimately meant winning Koslow, his freedom led to the death of an NYPD undercover officer, Koslow found himself in a crossfire between the crowd and the FBI. General insists that Koslow take the heat and send him back to prison for an internal drug operation, and the FBI says returning to prison for bidding generals is the only way for Koslow to keep his deal with them. Trapped in a world of impossible elections, Koslow must return to prison, where he formulates a plan to escape the clutches of three of New York’s most powerful organizations, the crowd, the NYPD, and the FBI, in order to save and save his family.

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