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Simply by merging soccer and cars, Rocket League has managed to instantly secure a place in our hearts and out top ten lists.

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Rocket League presents a futuristic sports-racing game. Two teams drive cars at supersonic speeds around the arena, with the aim of hitting giant balls into their opponents goal. Yes, this is one of those times that I cant wait for reality to catch up with video games.
With such a strong central premise, Rocket League could have bet everything on this core idea instead it seems the developer has poured care and attention into every detail. There is a stack of content to unlock, numerous modes, and a stack of perfectly designed maps. Yes, this goes far beyond the simple appeal of its premise, to create a very complete experience.
Rocket League aims to be pure simple fun as it pits two teams of up to four cars each against each other. Play alone with bots, online against other players, or with locally over split-screen. Placate your allies when you accidentally hit an own goal, laugh at your enemies as you blast them skywards, work out tactics, improvise every moment is filled with something thrilling and new to captivate your attention.

Precision rules
Much of Rocket Leagues charm lies in its controls. They are precise and simple. Every action you have at your disposal (jumping, turbo speed, etc) is highly responsive and works beautifully predictably. After just three or four games you will be prepared for all kinds of over-the-top action, comic high-flying maneuvers, and dramatic comebacks.
Visually, Rocket League shows the same unexpected level of care and attention. It offers a wonderful sense of speed and dynamic madness, while also providing a physics model that allows the chaos of every collision and hit of the ball to feel predicable.

Irresistible fun
Rocket League is not just fun, it is the complete package, offering tons of content, lavish visuals, online and offline modes the list goes on. So, if you have been smiling and rubbing your hands in ecstasy since our opening comments, we are pleased to announce that, yes, you should absolutely go and download this madness.

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